Progressive Counselling

Progressive Counselling is a powerful, life-enhancing therapy that helps a person find their own pathway through situations such as challenges in relationships, family life, health issues, bereavement, finances, career or life changes. It can be of help to anyone living with depression, worry and anxiety and other mental health problems, and also support those who wish to change problematic habits or patterns of behaviour.

A Progressive Counsellor creates a non-judgmental, unconditional space for a person to unravel things and see the choices they have for moving forwards, no matter how challenging the situation may be. They help a person connect with and trust their own personal wisdom and intuition so that he or she can make the best decisions for themselves.

Progressive Counselling is frequently offered alongside healing. It can also be of great benefit to those who wish to accelerate their personal development or who are seeking spiritual guidance. Some people find it helpful to have regular counselling sessions over a period of time whereas others may have just a few sessions to help them through a difficult time. A counselling session may be for more than one person as in the case of a partnership, marriage or family.

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