For Business

One-day Workshop for Managers

Understanding, compassion and forgiveness are not sentiments commonly associated with the business world and yet working life is so greatly enriched by these very human traits that in turn make such a positive difference to the performance level of individuals and teams. This one-day workshop is for managers who are interested in strengthening or introducing a more heart-centred approach to the way they manage others.

During the day the following is covered:

  • The heart as your second brain – the scientific evidence
  • Listening to head and heart when deciding how to manage situations and other people
  • What is intuition? Using it in management
  • Techniques for connecting with your internal wisdom including meditation and the practice of presence
  • Letting go of blame, judgment and “boxing” people
  • The role of forgiveness and compassion
  • Knowing and managing our own weaknesses
  • Taking care of ourselves
  • It’s not about letting people “get away with it” – the importance of being clear about what is/is not acceptable in others’ behaviour, and the skill of marking and maintaining clear boundaries.

The course is presented on site for up to twelve managers. For further information please:

Call Jenny on 0117 9290813 or email


Pure Meditation Foundation can be taught to groups in companies. A powerful tool for managing stress, it strengthens well-being and enables a person to stay more calm and focussed when under pressure.

The course constists of a one-and-a-half hour initial session with two forty-five minute sessions in the following two weeks.It is presented on-site for up to twenty people. For further information please:

Call Jenny on 0117 9290813 or email


For Management and Leadership
Jenny is qualified to administer and interpret the Emotional and Social Competence Inventory, and provide the coaching required to further develop a manager or leader’s Emotional Intelligence.

She also provides Progressive Coaching for individual managers and leaders to enable them to move more rapidly along their chosen career path. A direct and very powerful form of coaching, Progressive Coaching focuses on accessing and developing the dynamic wisdom, ability and creativity inherent in each individual. It can help a person to see and evaluate their core thinking and behaviours and to find the best way of moving forwards and dealing with any challenges or difficulties before them. Progressive Coaching helps the person to work towards achieving a true balance in life so that they can become the very best that they can be, not only in their careers, but in their lives in general.

Coaching sessions last for one-and-a-half hours and are monthly for a period of normally six months. For further information please:

Call Jenny on 0117 9290813 or email